Vanishing Tigers

Vanishing tigers 03

Experimental fiction – 2015
Digital HD and Super 8 / 12’55 » / format 2:35 / N&B and colors

Olympia, a History of Art student, is concerned: Athena one of his roommates is missing.
A ghost wanders and tigers are running in their cage in an abandoned, deserted, world.

Shot between Germany and Iceland, then edited in France, this film is for me like a laboratory. I could experience a freer form of cinematic expression, which lies between fiction, experimental and art film.
In my film research, I seek out to create a visual and narrative material that mixes a wide range of influences, combining references to popular culture with existential or metaphysical interrogations. I strive to explore the collective unconscious, that reflects the irreconcilable conflict between being and non-being striking each individual, as primary artistic material.
Vanishing tigers enfeoff of classical drama, narrative codes and traditional storytelling to question the viewer: what is the amoung of freedom and conditioning in our lives? The plot disolves from the core of the film to apprehend a world devoid of substance: a human society where nature would take back its rights silently.


Writing, directed and editing : David Bart
With the complicity of Anne Murat
Director of photography : Renaldo Moon
Voices: Caroline Pascal (Olympia) and Benjamin Pascal (University professor)
Originale soundtrack : Sagittarius A* and David Bart
Sound re-recording mixer: Matthieu Dallaporta (Rodéo Films)
Télécinema : Médiacapture